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>     We use bind silane with Alf express gels.  I hate the stuff, but it's a
> necessary evil if you want to keep the sides of the wells from moving around.
> The recipe pharmacia gave us uses too much bind silane by more than a
factor of
> ten.  We treat both plates but only in the area where the wells will
be.  Every

   That remind me of a story. We are using a Vistra. We used this trick
for a while because the gel was not sticking to the plates at all. We had
no idea why, but one day it started, the upper part of the gel would start
to make kind of waves and it was impossible to load any sample.Then after
a discussion with another persone in the lab we realised why it was doing
this weird thing. We were cleaning the plates using dishwashing liquid.
This persone told us that the modern dishwashing liquid were full of
proteins for the hands and also surfactants for helping drying. As soon as
we stopped using dishwaching liquid and used a lab detergent (decon in our
case) the problem vanished.

   I know it does not answer the question but if that can prevent a few
people from doing the same error :-)

Florent Crepineau

crepinau at sb-roscoff.fr

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