G3 problems

Nelson, Thomas C. nelsont at bms.com
Tue Aug 18 17:20:00 EST 1998

Hi Thomas,

Yes we too have the exact same problem.  We do not have the 96 lane upgrade,
but as soon as we had the new neural net trackiing software installed, the
problem began.  I'm certain now that it must be a ABI software bug or
something or a G3 thing.  I can't figure out how to solve it either.  It does
not hurt the data or the run, but we have to re-boot every time.

nelsont at bms.com
From: Thomas J. Stelick on Tue, Aug 18, 1998 4:23 AM
Subject: G3 problems
To: nobody at net.bio.net

	We recently got in the 96 lane upgrade and we are having a problem
with the G3.  We contacted ABI about the problem but they said they have
not heard of it anyone else having the problem.  Every morning when I come
in the computer is locked up.  The screen shows around 7 AM.  I doesn't
matter whether we run a 2x or 4x run it.  When I talked to ABI they said it
sounds like a computer problem and I should run norton.  I did and it still
locks up.  It doesn't interfere with the run since the run stops about 3
AM.  Anyone seen this before?  Any help would be appreciated.

Tom Stelick

BioResource Center
Cornell University
tjs11 at cornell.edu

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