G3 problems

Vahe Bedian dnaseq at mail.med.upenn.edu
Tue Aug 18 17:22:05 EST 1998

>	We recently got in the 96 lane upgrade and we are having a problem
>with the G3.  We contacted ABI about the problem but they said they have
>not heard of it anyone else having the problem.  Every morning when I come
>in the computer is locked up.  The screen shows around 7 AM.  I doesn't
>matter whether we run a 2x or 4x run it.  When I talked to ABI they said it
>sounds like a computer problem and I should run norton.  I did and it still
>locks up.  It doesn't interfere with the run since the run stops about 3
>AM.  Anyone seen this before?  Any help would be appreciated.
We had the same problem. Our G3, and I suspect yours too, is running OS8.1.
We solved the problem by adding RAM and turning off virtual memory. Hasn't
happened at all since then.

The alternative is to take the OS to 8.0. this is somewhat complicated, but
I got instructions from ABI for doing it if you prefer to go that route.


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