96 Well upgrade

George Grills grills at aecom.yu.edu
Tue Aug 18 17:25:43 EST 1998

Hi Muhammad,

Did you use a 0.4 mm 96 lane comb with 0.2 mm spacers or 0.4 mm spacers for
your 48-lane gels?  Was this on a 377 or a 373S?

- George

At 08:30 AM 8/18/98 -0700, you wrote:
>                                                                      8/18/98
>                                                                      8:23 AM
> RE:96 Well upgrade
>We tried using regular plates, the ones that we use for our 48-lane gels,
with 96-well comb and got good results.  We tried it in a desparate attempt
to solve leakiness of combs.  We have done any more tests and comparisons
w.r.t. resolution but initial gels looked fine.  
>By the way it did not solve our problem with the leaky combs.
>Best regards
>Muhammad A. Lodhi
>Axys Pharmaceuticals, Inc. La Jolla, CA

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