A few questions

tucker_a at umbsky.cc.umb.edu tucker_a at umbsky.cc.umb.edu
Tue Aug 18 03:01:14 EST 1998

Would anyone be interested in purchasing some of the old
FS mix (discounted)?  We're switching to BigDye and have about 2000 rxns
leftover of the FS Terminator chemistry.  

We're using Millipore's 96-well clean up plate to remove the unincorporated
terminators.  However, G-blobs usually sneak through.  Any suggestions?  
We use Sephadex G-50 in the plates.

Can one obtain 700 bases from a 4X run if the time is extended?  Will
the resolution be as good as with the 2X run?  We're aiming to do a six
hour morning run each day.

Thanks in advance

Please email me directly at aavery at bidmc.harvard.edu

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