ABI377-HP1600 Print Problem

Macky Edmundson mackyE at qimr.edu.au
Thu Apr 30 10:20:46 EST 1998

Hi all.

I have been having intermitant problems with the ends of 
chromatograms being chopped off by our HP1600CM for
over 2 years now. At first I thought it was a hardware
problem but extra memory did not solve it and 
no technical fault can be found. I recently
got access to anothe 1600cm and it does the same
thing so it is definately software related.

I have experimented with 3 different printer drivers
but nothing seems to make a difference.
Up till 2 weeks ago the problem would usually go away
after some stuffing around but now it is doing it
every printout.

Anyone had experience with the problem?
Any ideas to fix it?

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