Amersham Loading Dye

William O'Connell woconnel at nmh.org
Sat Apr 25 08:07:03 EST 1998

The dye is available separately.  It is catalog number  US79448

Dr Marc Woodland wrote in message <6hnvm3$ml3 at net.bio.net>...
>When  I  used  the  trial  Amersham  Thermosequenase  kit  one  thing  I
>really  liked  was  the pink formamide  loading  dye -  pity  the   kit  is
>not   as  good  as  the  BigDye  Terminator - however - does  anyone  know
>what  the  formulation  is  ?   Is  it  available  on  its  own  ?  I
>loathe  weighing  up  Blue  Dextran ------ and  the  colour  is  nicer  too

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