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Valeria Maida billia at ssmain.uniss.it
Mon Apr 20 11:31:36 EST 1998

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that the NAIMI Congress will be
held in Alghero, on the North West of Sardinia, in the centre of
Mediterranean Sea, this September as a satellite symposium to the Congres=
in Coordination Chemistry in Florence. This congress is specifically aime=
at those working in the DNA Polymers field and promises to be a valuable
and stimulating occasion. The opportunity for experts in the general
chemical sector to meet those working on the base of DNA and RNA in an
informal setting should lead to interesting brainstorming sessions, which
will undoubtedly be of great use to both sides.
Prof. M.L.Ganadu  &   Prof. M. Taddei - Dipartimento di Chimica - via
Vienna, 2 - 07100 Sassari=20

Nucleic acids and their interactions with metal ions

Satellite Symposium of the XXXIII International Conference
on Coordination Chemistry in Florence
Alghero September 5-7 1998

The mini symposium is intended for researchers in the Chemistry of Nuclei=
Acids and Metal Ions field. The main objective of the symposium is to bri=
together scientists interested in the different aspects of the influence =
metal ions on the structure and metabolism of DNA. The main topics will b=
DNA Polymers, nucleic metal proteins, zinc fingers and PNA.

Scientific Program:
The following distinguished speakers have already agreed to deliver a
Prof. James Allan Cowan (COLUMBUS, USA), =20
Prof. Rob Kaptein (UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS),  =20
Prof. Bernard Meunier (CNRS, FRANCE), =20
Prof. Thomas W. Myers (ROCHE, USA),  =20
Prof. Huguette Pelletier (HOUSTON, USA). =20
Prof. Bibudgendra Sarkar (TORONTO, CANADA), =20
In addition there will be a poster session and a number of selected oral
communications. All those who wish to participate are invited to submit a=
abstract to the scientific committee.

Organising committee:
F. Bonomi (University of Milano - Italy)=20
M.L. Ganadu, Chairperson (University of Sassari - Italy)=20
H. Kozlowski (University of Wrocklaw - Poland)=20
C. Mealli (CNR, Florence - Italy)=20
A. Scozzafava (University of Florence - Italy)=20
M. Taddei (University of Sassari - Italy)=20

additional information and a registration form is available on:


For further information, please contact:
Peter Norton peter.norton at flashnet.it          phone/fax: +39 79 299640
Naimi secretary naimi at ssmain.uniss.it               fax +39 79 229559 or
Newtours Evangelist at Mail.Newtours-CMO.it     Fax+3955/3361250/350

Valeria Maida				Tel. + 39 79 229542/229588     =20
Dipartimento di Chimica		fax  + 39 79 229559/229482    =20
via Vienna, 2				e-mail billia at ssmain.uniss.it   =20
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