ABI gel loading

James Brayer james_brayer at msmail.mpi.com
Sun Apr 5 20:57:03 EST 1998

We have been working with World Precision Instruments to design a gel loader capable of loading 64+ lane gels on the ABI in the 0.2 mm format.  We are using square tooth combs in our process and thus need a loading device that delivers the sample to the bottom of the wells to prevent cross contamination between lanes.  I am happy to say that our friends at WPI have come up with a design that meets our criteria.  They have designed a loader that is in a format that the needles fit smoothly in-between the glass plates.  The unit has replaceable barrels as well as replaceable needles i.e. if you break the needle you do not need to replace the entire syringe...just the needle.  The loader is also designed so that it is a little easier to hold then traditional loaders, Hamilton design.  We had a slow transition to the new loaders.  The new needles are fragile and we had a lot of breakage as people in the loading area got familiar with the new loaders. This has gotten better over ti!
me. The good news is that WPI seems to have, so far, a good turnaround time for orders.  This has been much improved compared to our experiences with Hamilton.   In an effort to prevent the needles from breaking a bar was designed on the loader to position the needles right above your sample.  This has worked well.  The bar also serves to prevent any downward pressue on the needles when drawing sample up into the syringes.  I highly reccomend that you give this a try....WPI can be reached at (941) 371-1003

8 channel loader cat # 62000 with 8mm needels
I beilieve that there is a 12 channel format as well

Jim Brayer
Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Genotyping Production Co-Ordinator

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