Failing to sequence with ABI 377 - need help!

Andrew S. Louka a.s.louka at embnet.uio.no
Thu Apr 2 11:45:01 EST 1998

Our lab have been using an ABI 377 sequencer for VNTR analysis for some
time, and now I'm trying to set up automatic sequencing too.  It's not
going well!  I'm struggling to sequence any PCR products, even though they
all give nice results if sequenced manually!  Plasmids have proved even
more difficult!

I've published a synopsis of what I am doing and links to a couple of
JPEGs of gel file  images, and would be very grateful if you could find
the time to view this single page, and perhaps offer some suggestions!

You can view my plea for help at:


The introduction reads as follows:

I'm trying to establish automatic gene sequencing for our laboratory at
the Institute of Transplantation Immunology, Oslo, Norway.  It is
proving to be considerably more challenging than I had anticipated - and
thus also expensive!  I have written this page to present my
difficulties to the wealth of gene technology expertise on the Internet,
and ask that you <A HREF="mailto:a.s.louka at embnet.uio.no">mail me</A>
with <I>any</I> tips or suggestions that you might have.  Below are two
typical examples of results after almost ten attempts!!

Many thanks,


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