More 377 Background problems

Alan Wilton dna at unsw.EDU.AU
Tue Sep 30 04:51:16 EST 1997

Dear All,

Here is a puzzler to add to the collection of you 377
background problems.We have a ghost in one of our 2
machines.  There are short horizantal streaks that look
like genescan markers across all of the gels run on that
machine only.  Recent laser replacement for other reasons
has not solved the problem.  A picture named
"red horizontal streaks" of a sequencing gel before
signal starts coming through is on the FTP site.
No it is not a gene scan gel.
There are no Genescan size standards on this gel.
All our gels on this machine only look like this.
We do not know what is causing these red horizontal
streaks that look suspiciously like genescan standards
yet.  Perhaps I will offer a prize for the closest guess
(assuming we ever solve it).

Alan Wilton

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