377 zig zag gels

David David
Wed Sep 17 09:08:10 EST 1997

Dear Newsgroupers , 

I have been sent another snap shot from Dr Colette Rossier which I have 
placed on the FTP site in thew floowing location :

address: venus.icr.ac.uk
username: anonymous
password: your at email.address
directory: pub/autoseq/snaking gels

There are two examples, the older Gel P3 28.8.97 and the newer Gel P2 
15.9.97 .  The gel P3 is a more extreme example and shows a run the ends 
early , I am sure that this is caused by a charge difference om the 
plates which causes the gel to be repelled from the plates.  The teatment 
here is to wash the plate in NaOH and then neutralise in HCL as mentioned 
int he last posting . 

Gel P2 15.9.97 could be due to a problem with the lens assembley scanning 
across the gel since it corrects itself after a while .  I would check 
the lead screw for signs of buffer splashing or an irregular sound during 
the run .  If it is mechanical call PE service but I would make sure that 
the plates are throughly washed first .

If anyone else wants to place files on the FTP rather than emailing them 
to me please use the directory below :

address: venus.icr.ac.uk
username: anonymous
password your at email.address
directory: pub/autoseq/incoming

Sincerely , 

David Cain
larkseq at easervices.com

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