Flat tips

Larry Larry
Thu Sep 11 10:55:33 EST 1997

tucker_a at umbsky.cc.umb.edu wrote:

>Can anyone tell me where to get .2mm flat tips?  A catalog # would be
>helpful, too.  I've tried a few brands and have run into some trouble.  
>claims to be .2mm, but I could not get it between the plates.
>Thanks in advance
>Amy Tucker-Avery

I've been using tips from USA Scientific (800-522-8477)

Cat. #		Description
1012-2600	0.1-10ul flat gel loading tips, .2mm, 200/rack

They also sell 2-200ul size tips, but I find the ultra micro tips much
easier to work with.

Larry Shade
USDA ARS Gene Evaluation and Mapping Lab
lshade at ggpl.arsusda.gov

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