Red Haze

David David
Tue Sep 9 15:32:03 EST 1997

Dear Newsgroupers , 

I recieved the email below from John Augliera today which contained a 
picture  I have placed the file on the FTP site , details following the 
message .

Subject:     Red Haze
Sent:        9/9/97 11:02 AM
Received:    9/9/97 9:10 AM
From:        john augliera, auggie at MIT.EDU
To:          autoseq at net.bio.net

Running an ABI 377 autosequencer,  have been seeing a red background haze.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

							John Augliera

FTP Site details:

login name:anonymous
password:your at email.address
filename: RedHaze

The files are screen shots and will open with simpletext .  If you have 
any problems getting the files or would like to offer a US mirror site 
please contact me directly .  

Sincerely , 

David Cain

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