AbiPrism 377 sequencing problems

John John
Tue Sep 9 08:31:04 EST 1997

In article <5u1aon$1e9 at net.bio.net>, Daniel.Marc, marc at tours.inra.fr says:
>Jens Dieterich ("dieteric", at paju.oulu.fi) wrote:
>: The samples seem not to run properly in the gel any more. Lanes might
>: cross during the run, parts seem to be compressed others are stretched 
>: in the same lane in the same gel. Basecalling becomes very inconvenient
>: this way and even the different extractions don't give reliable results.

Is the CCD detector moving properly?
If something happens to that, the software may interpret that in rather 
odd gel
images. We have seen similar problems, cured by a reset.

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