Background 377 problems

David David
Mon Sep 8 15:54:42 EST 1997

Dear Newsgroupers , 

I recieved the email below from Colette Rossier today which contained two 
pictures attatched , in fairness to those of you who use newsreaders I 
have placed the files on the FTP site , details following the message .

Dr Colette Rossier                                                   Ph
(+41 22) 702 5540
Divsion of Medical Genetics                                     Fax (+41
22) 702 5706
Department of Genetics and Microbiology
1 Rue Michel Servet
1211 Geneva 4
Switzerland                                     Email:
Colette.Rossier at medecine.unige.ch

Could you tell me what is happening with these gels ?
If anybody has an idea he is welcome. 
For one month I am struggling with that and ABI support seems not to
have found the problems.



FTP Site details:

login name:anonymous
password:your at email.address
filenames: Gel P3 28.8.97 and Picture 1

The files are screen shots and will open with simpletext .  If you have 
any problems getting the files or would like to offer a US mirror site 
please contact me directly .  

Sincerely , 

David Cain

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