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Luc Simon Luc.Simon at brs.ulaval.ca
Wed Oct 29 12:50:21 EST 1997

Hi Malcolm,

We have had a problem which may very well be the same as you are
describing. Here is the cause and the solution: The new version of
collection software insist on having a complete set of matrices defined,
even if you will only be using Dye Terminators for example. Otherwise, you
get this error with a cryptic "tag absent " message. The solution is to
create or copy real of fake matrices, following instructions given in the
manual. Once all the required matrices are defined, the program should work

Like they say, it's not a bug, its a feature!!

Hope this helps

Luc Simon

At 11:26 97-10-29 -0000, you wrote:
>we are having problems when trying to start data collection during
>sequencing runs. 
>After loading the gel, applying the sample sheet, pressing the 'run'
>button and going through all the prompts of saving the gel file we get
>a message from the Mac telling us the run could not start as the tag
>could not be found. This refers to the matrix file.
>To remedy this we drag the offending matrix file onto the desktop from
>the ABI folder, go back into the collection software, press the run
>button again and everything starts OK.
>After collection is finished, we track the gel, save it, put the
>matrix file back into the ABI folder, re-start the Mac and re-build
>the desktop. We then extract the lanes and the matrix is applied.
>Can anyone suggest any remedies for this problem because ABI don't
>seem to know what's happening. This only happens with matrices for
>normal taq fs dye terminator sequencing. Matrices for dRhodamine dye
>terminator sequencing and Genescan are applied automatically at the
>appropriate time.
>Sorry for the long explanation.
Luc Simon

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