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Sun Oct 26 10:58:44 EST 1997

In my experience, when making TBE,it is important to thoroughly dissolve
the Tris and EDTA before adding the Boric acid.  If the Tris and EDTA are
stirred for 15-20 minutes before adding in the Boric acid, it will almost
never precipitate.

A much easier solution is to switch to Tris Taurine buffer made as a 20X
stock that never precipitates, does not need to be autoclaved and because
it is a 20x stock you make it half as often.  Remember to add 1/2 amount to
your gels because it is 20 x and not 10 x.  At the ABRF URL below there is
a recipe in the Taurine buffer html.  Thank Laura Livingstone of UNC for
working this out.


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