1x TBE for running gels

Christophe GUENIN christophe.guenin at hol.fr
Sat Oct 25 06:52:48 EST 1997

For your problem you must autoclave your TBE 10X and after making up 1X
Sophie Penelope Guenin
Department of Pharmacology Molecular and Cellular
Servier Labs

Aviva W a =E9crit dans le message <62nda3$1kf at net.bio.net>...
>I run our 377 sequencer and I'm having problems storing my 10x TBE.How
>does everyone make up/store their TBE??
>I have been buying it as 10x and making up 1x fresh every time, the only
>problem is that the 10x goes out of solution!
>Does anyone have ny suggestions, does it need to be made up fresh each
>Mrs Aviva Witkover
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>Imperial College School Of Medicine At St Mary's
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