Heterozygote detection

Nelson, Thomas C. Nelson#m#_Thomas_C#d#.PRILVMS1 at msmail.bms.com
Mon Oct 20 11:10:45 EST 1997


I am investigating methods for heterozygote detection.  I was wondering if
anyone out there has experience doing this, and what are the best methods.  I
have read all the ABI literature on the topic, but would like some real world

I am considering using ABI BigDye Primer chemistry (or the old dye primer
chemistry) as well as ABI BigDye Terminator chemistry.  Is the even peak
height with dye primer worth the extra cost and effort over dye terminators? 
Are false stops really a problem with dye primer chemistry?  How expensive are
custom dye labelled primers?  Is the peak height even enough with dRhodamine
terminators to do hetero detection?

What sort of software can be used for automated detection of heterozygotes? 
Is Factura useful for this, is Sequencher?  I know they claim to be, but ARE
they?  Has anyone tried these or other packages?  Can you do automated
detection by software if you have uneven peak heights as with dye terminator

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Tom Nelson
nelson_t at bms.com

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