48-well comb durability?

Valkyrie tmajor at why.net
Mon Oct 20 07:58:14 EST 1997


We run 10 ABI 377 DNA Sequencers and exclusively use 48-well sharks
tooth combs.  Ever since we've switched from 36, we have been losing
combs to bent teeth at a startling rate...  Getting new 36-well combs
was very rare, but we lose about one 48 well comb a week now!  Are there
any options to help this?  After-market combs?  Other types of 48-well
combs?  I shudder to think how long a 64-well comb might last.  

Also, if you have not experienced this problem at all and use 48-well
sharks tooth combs, how are you securing the well former during gel

Tony Major
tmajor at why.net

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