MacOS 8 & Seq. Analysis:Reply

Patricia Thomas thomas at pharmdec.wustl.edu
Tue Oct 14 16:39:03 EST 1997

For fairness' sake, I've forwarded this so that everyone can benefit:

>system 8.0.
>I loaded system 8.0 this week on a Powermac 6400 . All ABI software seems to
>work fine including Genotyper and Genescan. If anything they ran a little
>quicker and the whole operating system seems much more stable and eloquent.
>The internet side is a bit patronising but good for beginners. The stability
>makes the difference. I have found with Genotyper that unless you give it
>loads of memory (about 20 + megs) it gets a bit flaky, crashes and then on
>relaunch asks for the security code but then won't accept it unless you dump
>Genotyper preferences. The system 8 upgrade also works well with 040 chips
>eg LC 475. You don't have to do a clean install either so you won't have to
>reistall your ABI folder and matrix files etc. Any problems then don't write
>Steve Hughes

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