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Dr Marc Woodland m.p.woodland at ic.ac.uk
Thu Oct 2 10:15:34 EST 1997

Dear  All,

A  little  tip - some  of  you  may  know  this  I  did'nt  I  had  to
ring  ABI.  To  stop  you  having  to  ring  ABI  at  1650  on  a  Friday
when  they  should  be  getting  the   "tinnies"  out  here  we

 You've  installed  the  new  software  all  seems  to  be  O.K.    your
gel  is  loaded  you  go  to  the  start  icon  and  and  error  message
comes  up  "Flow  detected  with  pump  off"


Go  to  "Window"  and  open  up  Mannual  control.  Select  "Pump  On"
and  for  value  insert  51,  for  range  0-60  then  execute.  Then
select  "Pump  Off".  repeat  this  cycle  a  few  times  then  try  to
restart  your  run.  You  may  need  to  do  this  more  than  once.  I
had  three  gels  run  under  these  conditions  the  last  time  I  think
I  mannually  'switched  the  pump  on/off  about  15x  before  it  ran.

If  this  doesn't  work  you  could  reinstall  the  old  software  or

BURST  INTO  TEARS  and  ring  your  engineer  for  some  counselling.



M.P. Woodland Ph.D.
DNA  Sequencing  Core  Facility  Manager,
Dept. Of  Biochenistry,
Imperial  College  of  Science, Technology &  Medicine,
Exhibition  Road,
South  Kensington,
London  SW7 2AY.

Phone  (44)  0171 595 5307 (direct)
EMail  m.p.woodland at ic.ac.uk
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