for help! on the 373 ABI sequencer.

Steve Marsh Kitt01 at att.worldnet.net
Thu Nov 27 07:11:37 EST 1997

In article <65h9os$sh5 at net.bio.net>, fenghc <fenghc at ems.hrbmu.edu.cn> wrote:

> hi, I have finish a autoseqencing today, but there is something wrong
> with our ABI 373A sequencer. All the colletor progam runs smoothly as
> regular. The sequencing analyse program doesn't work well. The gel file
> couldn't be analysed by the program, it say that "error-192 couldn't
> find the resource". Why does it happen? I haven't met this kind of
> thing.
> Anyone could help me?
> Any help will be appreciated. 
> Please send to me. fenghc at ems.hrbmu.edu.cn
The problem is that part of the rescource fork for the file is damaged. If
you are running a non-XL sequencer the fix is fairly simple. In the
Sequence analysis folder there is a utilities folder. In this folder is a
program call GelDoc II. Launch this program and use the resource repair
function on the gel. If this does not work, or you are using an XL machine
then the fix is more complicated. There are 2 ways to go. 1 is to use the
program gel rescuer available on the net to try to fix the gel. The other
is to use Resedit and try to copy the missing rescources from a good gel
to the damaged gel. You should always work with a copy of the gel when
using any of these methodes so you don't loose the original. If that
doesn't work call ABD's Tech support people on Monday and see if they can
get the file and work on it for you.

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