Sequencher moving to Windows NT/95

Howard Cash howardc at genecodes.com
Thu Nov 20 15:32:24 EST 1997

GENE CODES CORPORATION is pleased to announce that SEQUENCHER, the 
software solution for DNA sequencing, will be available soon for Windows
95/NT. Beta testing on the Windows version will begin in December. 
for the Windows version will be 30% higher due to royalties on the  
Macintosh-to-Windows porting tools.

SPECIAL OFFER. Purchase Sequencher for Macintosh now, before December 31,
1997, and Gene Codes will switch the purchased copies to the Windows
version at no additional charge when it is available. This constitutes as
30% Savings.

PREVIEW of Sequencher for Windows will be held at the American Society of
Cell Biology in Washington, DC. Attend the Gene Codes Exhibitors Showcase,
Tuesday December 16, 1997 at 7:00 AM (Breakfast Provided) or stop by the
Gene Codes Booth (#612).

MAIN FEATURES of Sequencher:
 - Fast accurate fragment assembly
 - Import automated sequencer files from ABI, ALF, LI-COR, SCF etc.
 - Quick and easy contig editing
 - Utilize chromatograms in contig editing
 - Excellent user interface
 - Heterozygote detection
 - Protein translation
 - Restriction enzyme analysis
 - ORF analysis
 - Mark features and motifs

For more information, please e-mail Gene Codes at info at genecodes.com or
call us at 800.497.4939 (USA)  313.769.7249(Elsewhere) or fax us at

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