Mac OS 8-Look Before Leaping

Patricia Thomas thomas at pharmdec.wustl.edu
Thu Nov 20 06:22:32 EST 1997

A month or two ago queries began to be posted in this newsgroup about
the benefits/risks of using Mac OS 8 with ABI's Sequence Analysis
programs.  Reports from this group were scanty, but positive, and so I
called ABI about a month ago to see what they knew about it.  They
hadn't tested it in-house but had had no bad reports from users. BTW, I
also checked out the MacAddict and Apple OS 8 sites to see if there'd
been anything reported, but nada.

Since I wanted to get our web site up ASAP and OS 8 is so Net-friendly
(it has a mini Web server, too) I decided to take the plunge.  Using
v2.X, it was cool.  I could drag my Gel File over and read my e-mail at
the same time!  Just to test the limits, I opened up some of my bigger
applications (Adobe Photoshop and Netscape) and did notice a slower data
transfer.  But I suppose that I could play with the memory cache on this

Anyway, yesterday my bubble burst.  I just got a copy of v3.O Sequence
Analysis that was bundled w/my 373 Stretch update, and dutifully called
my friends at ABI to make sure that 3.0 gets along with OS 8.  Well,
guess what?  It doesn't!  They've fielded many calls from users about
system freezes and crashes with 3.X/OS 8 users, and have begun
cautioning anyone who bothers to call about it. Apparently, v2.X is O.K.
with OS 8 but 3.X with OS 8 is giving some users the blues.  Just
thought I'd better pass this on....

So now I have to decide if it's wiser to stick with v2.1 Seq. Analysis
software and Mac OS 8 or to convert to 3.0 Sequence Analysis and revert
back to the 7.5 OS.  For those who've tried them all, what do you
recommend? Thanks in advance for your advice.

Patricia Thomas
Washington Univ. School of Medicine
MB&P DNA Sequencing Facility
St. Louis, MO  
(thomas at pharmdec.wustl.edu)

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