making 377 mobility files

Eugen Buehler buehler at cbil.humgen.upenn.edu
Mon Nov 17 10:37:29 EST 1997

We are looking for software, scripts, or even some basic
instructions on creating/modifying mobility files for the ABI 377.
We are currently using a custom dye-primer and an associated
mobility file that was created in another lab.  Due to recent
improvements in our gel resolution, we have found the mobility
file to be somewhat flawed near the end of the gel, always shifting
things a little too far one way or the other.  Does anyone have or
know of any tools, scripts, or printed material on this subject?

Eugen Buehler
Arabidopsis thaliana Genome Center
University of Pennsylvania
buehler at cbil.humgen.upenn.edu

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