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  Subject: LiCors and PAGE PLUS Acrylamide?


  I just saw a post mentioning use of Amresco`s PAGE PLUS acrylamide as an
  alternative to Long Ranger, on ALF machines. Has anyone out there tried
  this on a LiCor 4000 series (66cm plates)?

  Michelle Gleeson
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  We typically run Page Plus Acyrylamide here at LI-COR on our 66 cm gels
  (in addition to Long Ranger).  We generally run a 3.75% gel
  with a 1.2x TBE in the gel and a 1x TBE running buffer at the standard
  electrophoresis parameters.  Typically this will give us 1000-1400 bp
  reads, comparable to the Long Ranger, so if you wanted to try it you
  should be able to get some nice data.  Feel free to contact us at
  biohelp at bio.licor.com  if you have any other questions.

  Jeff Harford
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