Sharktooth Comb Leakage

Mick Jones mjones at rpms.ac.uk
Sat Nov 8 16:48:44 EST 1997

Hi all

We have just switched to using sharktooth combs with our Stretch/XL
upgrade to our 373A sequencer.

We are experiencing leakage round the teeth of the comb.

We notice that with the "supposedly" matched spacer and comb, that after
the gel has polymerised, the comb slides in very easily.

Also, we tried using 0.3 mm spacers with the 0.4 mm comb and found that
the comb was not tight in the middle of the gel, and we got leakage into
surrounding slots.

Can kind people tell us their secrets/tips/hints/incantations to the
gods/etc to obtaining sucessful loading of shark-tooth combs?  What is
the leakage rate (how often do samples leak next-door?)

How long do people pre-run their gels ?  Do you have the sharktooths
comb in or can you insert just prior to loading?

Do people use the bind-silane to get smooth gel surface for inserting
the sharktooth comb?  If so can you provide a recipe for using and how
do you clean up after the run ?

Does anybody use the 50 and/or 66 square well former combs on a 373A XL
upgrade?  The ABI technical help guys say the tracking isn't very good
on the 373A XL upgrade with these combs?  Any experience out there.

Many, many thanks to the people who replied on the run conditions for
the stretch conditions last week (May the force be with you)


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