96-well preping protocols please.

Stephen R. Lasky, Ph.D. srlasky at u.washington.edu
Sat Nov 8 16:48:45 EST 1997


We use a PEG prep modified from the Stanford M13 PEG prep.  you can find the
protocol on our web site at http://chroma.mbt.washington.edu/seq_www.  Go to
the techniques pages and look at the stanford prep.

(we are in the process of modifiying this tech a little more by
incorporating the use of a 1 ml Hydra.  I tested it out with a 280 ul hydra
and was able to do 8 plates in a little over 4 hours. Not only was it easier
and faster but the consistency of yield was excellent for a semi-automated

Hope that helps


Kevin Clark wrote in message <62i7t9$722 at net.bio.net>...

> I need to move up to 96 well format preping methods
>certainly for my M13's and possibly also for pcr products and
>post-sequencing reaction clean ups.
>Does anyone have any suggestions? I may also have access to a Biomek 2000

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