Loading of Sequencing Gels

Dr Dr
Fri May 30 08:20:36 EST 1997

Hi Everybody

Yesterday I came across an abstract of a paper in the recent issue of
Nucleic Acids Research by Ansorge et al. on rapid loading of sequencing
gels using a porous comb.  Our library hasn't got the journal yet so I
do not know the details, but what I think it is saying is the
following.  The comb is made of some porous material to which you spot
on your sequence reactions (after clean up presumably), and this is
inserted on top of the gel and left in.  Starting the electrophoresis
run moves the sample form the comb into the gel.  

It sounds great. No loading of individual wells on the gel, no expensive
flat-billed pippette tips, no expensive pyschiatric doctors bills due to
technicians cracking up under the pressure of loading gels, ect......

Does anybody have further details, like where do you get the comb
material from ?,  can it be used with ABI 373 and 377 instruments ? 
Does it cost a lot ?

Mick Jones
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