large scale plasmid DNA preps for the 377

David David
Fri May 16 08:21:54 EST 1997

Dear Sequencers , 

Keith Edwards wrote:
>IACR, Long Ashton Research Station
>Long Ashton
>BS18 9AF
>Email Address : keith.edwards at bbsrc.ac.uk
>Telephone :
>Being new to the world of 377 sequencing could anybody give me a 
>reference for making 96 plasmid preps at one time. We have a basic Biomek 
>2000 but we don't want (cannot afford) any fancy add on's.
>Keith Edwards

It would take a bit of editing but Bruce Roe has developed an excellant 
96 well DNA prep for the Biomek that requires non of the fancy add ons or 
upgrades to run it .  The method is however set up for 4 blocks at a time 
but could easily be edited down to work with only 1 or 2 blocks .  I have 
included the web address below where you can download the method .


I have also developed a series of methods for the biomek that set up 2 
microtitre plates of sequencing reactions with one primer ( for shotgun 
type projects ) .  I am willing to supply a copy of this program if it 
helps . 

On another matter I hope Long Ashton is keeping up the cidar research and 
if you need any remote tasters please let me know , I spent a few nice 
field trips down there . 

Yours Sincerely , 

David Cain
larkseq at easervices.com

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