Provision of DNA Sequencing as a core facility

LHALL at fs1.scg.man.ac.uk LHALL at fs1.scg.man.ac.uk
Thu May 15 12:37:34 EST 1997

		Dear all,

												I currently run a DNA sequencing core facility at the 
university of Manchester, England, which utilises an ABI 377.

	At the moment, I am experiencing some bizarre problems, which I think 
relate to networking : In essence, the collection software is mixing up 
samples when new sample files are being generated after manual tracking 
of a gel. In addition, the gel file is jamming and during manual 
tracking etc. the mac is reporting a number of errors , such as 
Miscellaneous hardware errors, zero divide errors, chk errors and 
segment loading errors.

	I am led to believe that these may stem from having file sharing open 
during collection of sequencing data. In response to these problems, I 
have wiped the hard disk, scanned for viruses, reloaded the software and 
even taken the precaution of having the logic board within the 
collection mac changed.

	I would like some specific answers on the following questions :

1. Should I shut down file sharing, period ,on the collection mac or 
just during collection itself ?

2.As a follow on from the above, is it o.k to write sample files over 
the network form the collection mac,or is it preferable to have a second 
mac for disrtibuting data ?

3. I have started archiving data to an Iomega jaz drive, although I Am 
led to believe that these drives in the context of sequence analysis 
data may cause problems. Is there any truth in this ? Incidentally, when 
I first tried to install the driver software onto the collection mac it 
wouldn't have it and subsequently one of the apple talk extensions 
became jammed. Ever since then I have had problems like gel files 
jamming etc.

4. Has anyone experienced problems with writing gel files over the 
network ?

														Help !!!

Laurence Hall,
School of Biological Sciences,
2.237 - Biomolecules,
Division of Biochemistry,
Stopford Building,
University of Manchester,
Oxford Rd.
Manchester M13 9PT.

Tel. : +44 (0)161 275 6916.                E-mail : 
LHALL at fs1.scg.man.ac.uk 
Fax		: +44 (0)161 5082.	

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