Highest quality low cost plates (European Company)

Gabriel Gabriel
Mon May 12 08:37:55 EST 1997

Hi Sequencers/Genescanners,

Here is again a previosu post that somehow got lost...

Besides my previous post of glass plates from cellarSTOP in the USA at
<cellarstom at aol>, here is a new offer I just got from Genex at
<http://www.genex.ltd.uk>; <genex at dial.pipex.com>: glass plates for =
PE/ABI DNA sequencers.

Hope it helps (and saves grant $$$) !

Disclaimer: no relation with either cellarSTOP or Genex. If anyone =
knows a
better deal, please post.


G. Dorado
bb1dopeg at uco.es

Genex Ltd is a private UK company specialising in the design,
manufacture and sale of Molecular Biology products. We supply glass
plates for direct replacement in the ABI 373 and 377 sequencers. We =
been selling them for about 8 months and can provide a list of =
users. Genex plates are also much cheaper than the ABI plates and are
identical in glass type and size. Our 36cm WTR for the 377 is =A3250 =
+ =A335 Packing and Shipping (to Spain) This works out nearly =A39 =
than CellarStop's price.

Note shipping may vary for other countries

Best Regards Mr Arthur McCaffrey  Genex Ltd UK
Please visit our website on:  http://www.genex.ltd.uk

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