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Rub=E9n Rub=E9n
Mon May 12 13:20:27 EST 1997

Dear all:
I'm getting started in DNA automated sequencing. I'm working in a
Research Institute from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We've got an Alf
Express from Pharmacia. We're using the dye-primer chemistry with T7
polimerase (Autoread kit, Pharmacia) and Long Ranger gels (5.5%) for
sequencing double strand DNA. I'm not very satisfied with the results
that seem to be quite impredictable (althoug following scrupulously =
recommended protocols and care of plates,etc). I'd like to be in touch
with others Alf's users (I'm pretty sure ours is the only one in
Argentina) and moreover I'd like to know if any group in London is
working with an Alf (I'll probably be there on October-November '97).
Any help and advice are very welcome.

You can mail me directly to:

ruben at saveas.com.ar

Thanks in advance

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