alternatives to manual gel loading

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More responses about alternatives to manual loading of ABI instruments...
Thanks everyone!  Michelle


We use the Hamilton Dual guage loaders for the 377 (64 well), they come as
either 4, 8 or 12 multi channels. They are easy to use and give
considerable time savings on loading the 64XL combs.  They retail at

hope this helps

Jo Daniels


     You might want to pass on to everyone that not only are we using
the Hamilton multichannel syringes for loading the 48 well gels, but also
the 64 well gels.  We've also re-written the SheetWriter program 
done by Ladeana Hillier at the Wash.U Genome Center to create the 
for 48, 64, and in anticipation of future upgrades by ABI, even the 96 
comb.  Macintosh executables, source code and accompanying files, as well
as a 00sheetwriter.readme file are available from our anonymous ftp site
that is accessable from our web site:
and from there choosing:
     "University of Oklahoma ACGT ftp site"
and then,
I'll try to make this more accessible via a better links but just have not
had the time.  It's available and hope it is as useful to others as it has
been for us.



    I saw that you were out on the web looking around for recommendations 
on a
multi-channel pipetter for loading.  There is a company that the wilson 
was looking at for loading and I believe that it was called the matrix 
co., I am
not sure but I can ask around.  I you want to decrease the amount of EDTA 
in the
loading solution it should not be a problem but the existing loading 
that you are using should be fine for loading and the sample should go in 
fine.  If it is a concern of yours you could just let the samples sit in 
comb for a few moments giving them a chance to settle.  If I can be of 
any help
for anything else please let me know.

--John Bowler

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