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::which say, "error in volume bit mapping" and "error in extents b-trees"

These particular errors are frequently caused by Netscape or other 
and is a known problem with disk caching a large number of pages.  Two
possible solutions:  either set your cache size to zero or use a RAM disk
as the location of your cache.  This will keep the disk from beeing 
too so often.

Also, Norton doesn't fix b-tree problems correctly.  Try using Disk First
Aid, which came with your system.  This does a much better job on
root-level directory problems.  If the problem doesn't go away, get a
replacement hard drive (it's not a problem with the CPU).

The real take home here is that if you use your collection Mac for 
but collection, you are asking for trouble.  This is not Mac-specific, nor
is it ABI software-specific.  Any time you use a laboratory device driver
for anything other than driving the device it was set-up for, you are 
to run into problems eventually.  Think of old DOS machines running HPLCs
and ask yourself if you really want to risk messing up your configurations
by installing a word-processor.

You can purchase another Mac that is adequately powerful enough for most
desktop applications for under $1200.

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