Deborah Deborah
Fri May 9 14:35:25 EST 1997

I don't profess to know a lot about MACS but after struggling with the one
here in the lab and the one at home I found that adding RAM solved a lot 
problems. We have a 7200/90 that collects and analyzes the data from our
377. We had 8MB a year ago when I stepped into this position and printing
was slow and crashing occured often. Installing 32 more RAM got rid of a 
of problems. 
I can run Eudora, Netscape 2.0, or Word 6.0 while I am printing out 36
queued electropherograms without any problems. We have 500 MB in the hard
drive and usually have 2 to 3 gel files sitting in the hard drive. We 
have a
ZIP Drive to archive. 
We also have the Symantec Virus program running and it runs when we are
transferring data to disks and printing at the same time. 
At least once a week I ZAP the PRAM, rebuild the desktop (Necessary to do
before running Norton Utilities), run Norton Utilities Disk doctor, and
finally Speed Disk. NEVER run speed Disk before you rebuild the desktop or
Disk Doctor. You can lose fragmented files. 

So at least buy a lot of RAM if you can't get another computer. The DIMMS
are not hard to install yourself and I can recommend a good inexpensive
company that sells them.

Deb G.
Deborah S. Grove, Ph.D.
Manager, Nucleic Acid Facility
210 Wartik Laboratory
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802
Tel: (814)865-3332


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