alternative to manual gel loading

MLVANH1 at monsanto.com MLVANH1 at monsanto.com
Thu May 8 12:03:31 EST 1997

More responses about the alternative to manual loading.  Unfortunately, I 
think I was clear enough about what we were looking for...currently, we 
MANUALLY with 0.17mm flat tips from Rainin, but would like to try some 
or MULTICHANNEL loading systems.  Some suggested the Hamilton multichannel
syringes (those responses have already been posted to the group) and we 
ordered one to try...any other suggestions?  Thanks!
MLVANH1 at monsanto.com


hi there michelle!  for loading our ABI 377 sequencers, we use a Hamilton
8 channel syringe pipettor, #84503.  they are wonderful!  we are using 48
wells with the XL upgrade, so the pipettor loads every third lane.  our
reactions are done in a 96 well PCR plate, where the pipettor will pick up
every well in a given column.  so, sorting out your sample sheet can be a
bit confusing, but it is well worth the hassle.  the pipettors are pretty
easy to service yourself - unplugging syringe channels, changing
syringes, etc.  the tips of the syringes sit at the top edge of the
notched plate, and you just allow your sample to fall into the well.
before we got our hamiltons we were loading each well by hand with a
single channel pipettor, so we were relieved to get something multi
channel.  i should mention that our pipettors and spare parts were back
ordered for months, but hopefully the availability is better now.

good luck!


Michelle, for loading 377 gels manually try  Rainin's GT-10-2 (cat no.) 
tips. They're just made for the 377 being .17mm thick and a delight to 



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