Gabriel Gabriel
Thu May 8 12:02:11 EST 1997


Check out these two issues:

1.-Zap (reset) your PRAM (Parameters RAM): just press simultaneously:

  Option Command p r

keys just while restarting or booting the computer. Note that will also
reset some of your control panel configurations like memory, date,
monitors, colors, etc.

2.-Check your physical level 2 cache RAM. Some of those DIMMs for the
PowerMac7500 are defective. Change the DIMM and check out if problems

Best luck,

Grace Harrison wrote:

>Hi Folks:
>I am having a problem with ABI and their service recommendations and
>need some input.
>The Power Mac (7500/100) I use to run the ABI 377 DNA sequencer has been
>having multiple problems which all seem to be a result of corrupted
>addressing files.  I get error messages after running Norton Utilities
>which say, "error in volume bit mapping" and "error in extents b-trees"
>etc.etc. The hard drive was severely fragmented (since we are constantly
>creating and deleting those HUGE gel files).  The Norton program claims
>to fix these problems but then I run the program again and the same
>problems appear (so the files get corrupted again?).
>The symptoms are varied.  The major one is that sometimes the ABI 377
>Data Collection program will allow you to open a new sample sheet file,
>but when you choose to open the data collection program, the system
>crashes with "error type 11 - Restart."  Other problems include printing
>problems 1)takes all day to send the electropherograms to the printer
>and 2)fails to print the first electropherogram in the queue with
>"error: offending stack:out of time" or some other garbage.  This can be
>overridden by sending the first file into the queue again and it will
>print at the end (odd, isn't it?).
>So, The service representative came out and couldn't figure out what it
>was so he just deleted everything and reinstalled the system software,
>giving me long lectures about how much he was going to charge us if he
>had to come out again etc.etc.  He claims that NETSCAPE and TELNET must
>be causing conflicts with the system software and that I must have a
>dedicated data collection computer.
>HOWEVER, these programs have been on the computer since we set it up a
>year ago, and the only problems have arrisen in the last two months, so
>it seems hard for me to believe that netscape/telnet could cause the
>problems in the volume bit mapping and addressing system software.  I
>also forsee that I will need to put Sequencher on my machine and I can't
>justify getting my department to but me another computer just to run
>these programs.  (I consider Netscape essential part of my job so I can
>get ahold of you and new information faster than the ABI folks send out
>stuff to me, Telnet so I can contact them and you all, and Sequencher
>since it's way better than their dumb AutoAssembler.)
>So, how many of you run dedicated data collection computers and how many
>of you share your computers with other useful programs? Please write
>back soon to CARIBOU at U.WASHINGTON.EDU or this list-serve, since I will
>have to address this problem back to the bosses at ABI.
>Grace Harrison
>HHMI DNA Sequencer
>University of Washington

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