PCR Instruments

Dr Dr
Mon May 5 08:42:01 EST 1997

Hi  Happy  Sequencers,
This  is  really  for  those  of  you  who  use  the  M.J.    PTC 200
thermal  cycler.   Have  you  found  it  necessary  to  modify  the  std
cycle  for  Taq  FS  reactions  ?   A  company  rep  has  just  told  me
that  the  denaturation  temperature  of  96C  for  30s  can  harm  the
enzyme -  on other  cyclers  the  temp  is  not  reached  quite  so
quickly  I  know  Taq  is  not  quite  as  stable  as  some  people
believe.  Comments ?-  What  are  you  guys  up  at  the  Sanger  Centre
doing  ?  I  understand  you  have  bought  a  number  of  these
instruments  nice  is'nt  it

Marc  Woodland

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