Want a Used 373 Stretch DNA Sequencer

Patricia Patricia
Thu May 1 09:17:25 EST 1997

The Dept. of Molecular Biology and Pharmacology at Washington
University  in St. Louis has decided to add another 373A Stretch DNA
Sequencer to its DNA core.  We would like to do this as soon as
possible.  Are there any peoply out there who are interested in selling
us a used one?  A major requirement is that the machine must currently
be covered by an ABI full-service contract.  For further information or
to "deal," contact:

	Patricia Thomas
	Washington Univ. School of Medicine
	Dept. of Molecular Biology & Pharmacology
	660 South Euclid Avenue-Box 8103
	St. Louis, MO  63110
	thomas at pharmdec.wustl.edu

Thanks for your consideration!!

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