fog on gel images

Robert Robert
Thu May 1 15:37:40 EST 1997

> Greetings,
> I have a green fog on the right side of my ABI377 Gel images. We have
> chekced the plates on another machine, and they are clean. What could
> the problem be?
> Sue Anne

Hi Sue,
	We have had the same problem as you did, but in addition we had lost =
a few lanes. The lost 
lanes were always in the same area as the green fog (i.e lost lanes =
on either the left or right side). 
My service engineer at ABI suggested to reset the machine and reload =
the firmware. I found that this 
was only a patch job solution. After he came in, and worked on the =
homing switch and on the laser, the 
green fog and the loss of lanes have been resolved.

Hope this helps.

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