DNA seq Anal V.3.0

Vahe Vahe
Tue Mar 18 11:42:19 EST 1997

>        We do a preliminary analysis on the Power Macs that collect the
>data but then move the files to one of 4 external Power Macs for
>and re-analysis.  Those wonderful folks at ABI are requiring that we order
>4 more copies of the analysis programs so we can run them on our external
>Power Macs.  Anyone want to trade some "keys".  I only need 4 of them and
>this really ticks me off after spending big bucks on these upgrades just
>for copies to do the analysis on external PM's
>        Thanks......bruce


If anybody has a solution to this problem, I would like to know about it
too. ABI's policy does not make sense to me either, but every time I
complain, I get reminded that they are NOT a non-profit organization.


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