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Alan Alan
Tue Mar 18 11:43:20 EST 1997

In article <5gk2in$qta at net.bio.net>, David Needleman,
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> We have installed an XL upgrade on our 377.  We typically load either 36
> or 48 lanes and have had no problems loading either configuration.  
> Unfortunately, I cant say the same for the tracking.  As long as every
> lane contains data, the tracking problems are usually minimal.  However,
> if one or more lanes has no sequence data or very little data, tracking
> can become a nightmare.  The tracking lines are there, but they are
> evenly spaced and have not tracked a single bit of data.  We either have
> to manually retrack all the lanes or go back to the sample sheet,
> determine which lanes have no data, tell the computer that these lanes
> contain no sample, autotrack and hope for the best. 
> Good luck,
> David
> Director, Molecular Genetics Core Facility
> Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
> UT-Houston Medical School

We have been running the XL upgrade on our 373 for a 4-5 months now and
have had few problems and are using 64 lanes almost all the time. Loading
takes a while but is not a problem. 
I agree that sometime the tracking can fail if a few lanes are blank. We
are able to resolve this every time by de-selecting the blank samples on
the sample sheet, and the re-tracking the gel. Usually a few samples need
some manual tracking modifications, but this takes a few minutes.

Good luck,


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