Lane Cut Off

Alan Alan
Thu Mar 13 11:59:53 EST 1997

Dear ABI 377 users,

Like other reporting problems with lanes disappearing off the edges of 
we have also had a few problems caused by the laser not being in zero 
at start of run.  In our case the laser is in the middle of the gel when 
program is started and thinks this is the zero position.  The resulting
gel image has lanes 15 to 36 on the left starting at the very edge with
a blank area in the middle then lanes 36 to 15 on the right (a mirror 
of the left).

Pausing the run and opening and closing the door will usually reset the
laser to the proper zero position (but you have to know it is doing it).
We have found this occurs when the ABI is reset after a run has been 
The reset was necessary because we could the program refuse to obey the
RESUME command after a PAUSE, claiming the machine was still running.

So resetting the machine is not the answer by itself.  After resetting I
recommend pausing the run and openning the door at least once to ensure
the laser is in the zero position when it starts collecting.

Alan Wilton  <a.wilton at unsw.edu.au>

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