Lane Cut Off

Robert Robert
Mon Mar 10 14:21:08 EST 1997

We have several ABI machine that we run continually. We notice some 
times lanes that have been loaded on either end of the gel have been 
cut off inadvertainly. This means we are unable to retrieve this data 
and need to rerun the sample. Has anyone faced this problem and if so 
please let me know how you solved the problem. My E-mail address is 
wakeman at mpi.com thank you for your time

Jason Wakeman

Hi Jason.
	Your problem is a familiar one. We too have encountered lanes being lost 
on the left side of the 
gel (i.e. lanes 1,2,3). After consulting our ABI technical specialist, he 
suggested resetting the 377. He 
mentioned that the problem is a corruption in the firmware so that the 
instrument does not home properly.

The protocol for resetting the 377 is as follows:
1. Make a note of the values that is in Window-Manual Control-CCD Pixel 
2. Turn off the collection software.
3. Reset the 377, by pressing the reset button once, count 2 seconds and 
then press the reset button 
again which is found on the back of the machine using a paperclip 
(straight it out).
4. Start up the collection software.
Note: The Collection Software will download the firmware to the 377 
5. Retype the numerical value in Window-Manual Control-CCD Pixel Position 
and execute.

The problem should be corrected now.

Another problem that we have encountered was a gel image reversal (i.e. 
lane 1 on the sample sheet is 
lane 36 on the gel). Our ABI  technical specialist indicated that the 
homing position of the laser eye 
was corrupted. I was able to clear it up by powering down the 377. In the 
future I will use the above 
protocol to alleviate any laser homing problem.

Hope this helps.

Robert Vogrig
DNA Core 
Health Canada
Laboratory Center for Disease Control.

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