Gel spacing ?

Suzanne Suzanne
Wed Mar 5 09:02:35 EST 1997

We've had our ABD 377 now since Oct. '96. We have run 36cm 4X, 36cm 2X and
48cm gels. Our spacing on these gels vary. For the 4X gels we get a 
of ~8. For the 2X gels we get ~9. and for the 48cm gels we get ~10. The 4X
runs do not provide us much information. The others give us ~600-700 
Our problem is that ABI keeps telling us there's something wrong. Our
spacing should be 10. for all the gels. We follow the gel recipes in the
book with the exception of using Long Ranger. What kind of spacing are the
rest of you getting for the different gels?

Suzanne McNeely
SDSU DNA Core Facility

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