48&64 well combs

Tony Tony
Wed Mar 5 09:00:54 EST 1997

Lots of fun to load!!!  I've only experienced the 48 well combs and it's
slow to load using a P10 with P10 tips.  Syringe-loaders are faster but
it's easier to lose samples.  If your samples are strong, and you need
to get the most out of your runs, and you have plenty of time and
patience, I'd do it.  As long as all your lanes show up, tracking and
extracting should work OK, especially with the newest version of the
Sequencing Analysis software.


Eckloff, Bruce, W., eckloff.bruce at mayo.edu wrote:

  I would like to hear some comments about the 48 & 64 well combs.
  Are there any major drawbacks and what are people using for loading.


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