signal fading

Tony Tony
Wed Mar 5 08:59:17 EST 1997

What kind of gel are you using? Long Ranger, 4% acrylamide? How many
bases are you getting?  How many scans?

The only thing I can think of is that the gel wasn't mixed properly.  If
you think this may be a possibility I would try a long ranger gel to see
if this is the problem.  If you don't know, Long Rangers are little foil
packets of acrylamide, temed, APS, etc. All you do is open the internal
seals, knead the contents and pour into your glass plates.


Eckloff, Bruce, W., eckloff.bruce at mayo.edu wrote:

   Does anyone have any ideas on what causes signal fading? We have
  and on one of them the signal seems to fade in and out. It seems to
  randomly. It looks like a shadow on the gel. Sometimes only a couple
  lanes are affected and sometimes many are. We have seen it in our
  standard also.
  (pGem/M13 std from ABI) Any suggestions are welcome.

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